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Control The Blurring And Deinking Of Carton Printing In Wet Day


In this season, the most prone appear for printing presses are printing blur and deinking. Due to wet weather, the corrugated board is of high humidity, which casue the corrugated board is soft. The printing machine must increase the pressure. When the ink is transferred to the paper, due to the high humidity of the corrugated board, it is easier to form a font to enlarge and cause printing blurred. What's more, the high humidity of the corrugated board will also cause the printing surface to be deinked. So how to control it?


Press pressure


In the rainy days, it is necessary to control the paper feed gap, and the gap should be controlled within -0.4MM of the thickness of the cardboard. Since the cardboard itself is relatively soft, if the paper feed gap is too tight, the paperboard will be crushed, and the subsequent printing pressure must be increased, which makes it easy to cause paste and deinking. By reducing the paper feed pressure, the hardness of the paperboard is ensured, so that the printing pressure can be reduced and the printing clarity can be ensured.




High ink viscosity is also one of the important reasons for printing blur and deinking. Therefore, in wet day, the viscosity of the ink must be low, and the density of the ink color should be increased, so that the drying speed of the ink will be accelerated, so as to avoid the printing blur and deinking caused by the ink.

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